Privacy Policy

Asia Human Development, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and will comply with related laws and regulations, establish the following personal information protection policy, and work to ensure its implementation.

1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information

In our business activities, we acknowledge that we keep customer information, establish a management system for personal information protection according to each business situation, and collect, use and provide personal information properly according to the prescribed rules.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The company will comply with laws and other regulations applicable to the protection of personal information when handling personal information.

3. Implementation of safety measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we will take measures such as managing access to personal information, restricting means for taking out personal information, and preventing access to unauthorized access from outside, in accordance with information security rules. We will work to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

4. Compliance with personal rights regarding personal information

The company will respect the rights of the individual with respect to the personal information and respond in good faith when the individual with respect to the personal information is requested to disclose, amend or delete, or refuse to use or provide.

5. Formulation of a compliance program and continuous improvement

The company makes executives and employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information, develops a personal information protection compliance program to appropriately use and protect personal information, implements and maintains it, and continuously improves it.

Personal Information Consultation Desk

Asia Human Development, Inc
Study Abroad Support Department
TEL : 03-3981-5090

*For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us from here.

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